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Monasteries of Greece
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Monasteries of Greece

Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) Monastery – If you saw the James  Bond movie “ For  Your Eyes Only” than this monastery is familiar to you. Now, how many monasteries can boast about an honor  like this. Holy Trinity is the best positioned out of the six Meteora Monasteries. Its located at the most highest point  and its only accessible by the 140 steep steps.

A monk does reside there and awaits all visitors with anticipation to speak to them about this great monastery.

Daphni Monastery also spelled ( Dafni). It’s an 11th century Byzantine Monastery that was founded on the site of a Greek temple. Now it’s a museum and a world heritage site. It’s considered one of the great master pieces of the Byzantine Empire and it’s especially known its mosaic. Its located just outside of Athens.

This site has been considered sacred since ancient times, here used to be the temple of Apollo. The temple is long since gone (except one column near the entrance)but the name “Daphni” Greek for “Laurel” was Apollo’s favorite plant , still honor’s Apollo’s memory.

Mount Athos or Agion Oros, it’s the only Monk Republic in the world.  Athos is inhabited only by monks who still keep their religious traditional life since the Byzantine Period which ended in the year 1453. It’s a cluster of monasteries in the Peninsula of Athos. The Peninsula   protrudes into the Aegean Sea in northern Greece.

It’s also referred to as “The garden of the Mother of God” story has it that the Virgin Mary landed on the peninsula after having been blown off course while traveling and was struck by it’s beauty that she asked her son to let it be her garden ”Done” said a voice, and from that moment on the garden was hers. There’s a little bit of logic that most people don’t recognize, it’s the fact that the peninsula was out of bounds to any other woman.

The sacred church of the Megalochari of Tinos, to many it’s known as the Pan-Hellenic holy shrine of our lady. In 1822, a devoted religious nun named Pellagra saw repeatedly in her visions the holy Virgin, who instructed her to go to town and inform the elders to start excavations to find her icon. The icon was buried for many years in an uncultivated field which  the Holy Virgin described exactly and to build church at that place.

At first Pellagra was hesitant but later she came to understand the Divine Grace. She went and found the Bishop of the Island. The Bishop listened and was deeply moved. He gave her his blessings and the same day he rung the church bells and made the announcement to the people of Tinos.

In turn the people of Tinos devoted as they were to the Christian faith started the excavation started immediately in September of 1822 and they were completed in January 1823 when the icon was found and the church was built right at that place.


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